10 hours flight and we are in the land of tea

Just 10 hours and we are out of Prague and in Beijing – we have only a miserable 10 hour gap between the next connection to „Changzhou“.

We passed the time with a preserving jar, boiling water in a thermos (you can get about 91 degree water right at the airport) and a few grams of leftover Kenyan Silver Needles from Meetea subscription. 🙂 Silver Needles is a great white tea, but this Kenyan one definitely has something of its own:) And yes it’s sad that we drink Kenyan tea in China, but we haven’t gotten to a good source of leaves yet.

We didn’t meet many tea loving natives at the airport, but the real madness will start tomorrow at the TeaMarket!

Btw, thanks to a tip from Tomas Prochazka on my main blog, it was no problem to get over the „Great Wall of China“ that prevents access from China to most Western sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google. It’s just the internet is weaker here, so I’ll be adding photos in batches…

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