Can pregnant women drink tea? Yes or no?

How is it with tea and pregnancy? Is it a problem? Are you not allowed to drink all loose teas, or just some? What do the Chinese themselves, or even the pregnant Chinese women of the tea culture actually say about it?

We flew to China with this question in mind and didn’t expect to get so many conflicting opinions… Fortunately, with more respondents, the answer (not from a Czech medical perspective, but from a nation where drinking tea is as natural as breathing) began to crystallize more.

After about xx questions we came to the following:

  • green and white teas are not recommended at all (only diluted and for taste on the tongue rather than for drinking).
  • semi-greens (specifically Phoenix and RouGui/Sorrel) are also not recommended at all.
  • reds/blacks have often been recommended (they have many amino acids and antioxidants that are beneficial to the little guy).

What can we take away from this? If you do drink loose teas, rather in moderation (if you’re used to them), but avoid green, white (they have the most tein) and semi-green ones for sure.

Straightly recommended (even by the pregnant tea-loving Chinese) were the reds from the Wuiy area – like the unsteamed Lapsang souchong. That’s exactly why we took about half a kilo O:) And it was still organic quality. Thanks Tea Fairy 🙂

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