Kyusu (急須) is a specific Japanese ceramic teapot, which is characterized by a side grip – the teapot is not held in the hand, but only by its side handle.

Thanks to the specialty of Japanese teas, this type of teapot has its own strainer – a fixed stainless steel strainer at the spout.


Tokoname teapots are very popular among tea lovers. It’s also no wonder – this method gives the tea a more pleasant and slightly milder taste, which will be praised by just about everyone. This teapot  „distinctly separates every note of the tea“, so the tea lover will recognize every good side. 


This teapot stands out because it is:

  • fast-drying
  • durable
  • filled with red clay nutrients

A lot of people try to use a teapot that is designed in a western style to make tea. However, for beginners, it is preferable to use a teapot that has been designed with green tea in mind. 

The name of the teapot originates from Japan, as the name probably suggests.

On the teapot we can find a tea strainer, which prevents the tea leaves from getting into the cup. 

With strainer

Sifters are made of clay or stainless steel. Aluminum strainers can have 2 styles, namely: 

  1. Sasame sieve – this is a sieve that has a flat and wide shape. Although the strainer is made of clay, it is very practical for making tea – mostly from smaller and tiny leaves. 
  2. sphere style – the big difference here is that the sphere style strainer has better drainage properties than the Sasame style. Therefore, there is less chance of petals getting into the filter. 

Stainless steel screens have a filter made of stainless steel mesh. This can be of different shapes. This filter works great, so it is suitable for any kind of tea. Those who are more into teas will definitely choose this type of filter. The water flow here is fast enough to have even tea that has a lot of leaves. 

It is also very important to take care of the teapot. So make sure to wash it – especially the inside – with warm water after each use. The outside should only be wiped with a damp cloth.