Last mini trips around Chaozhou and cheers to the phoenix plantations

In the end, the tea culture in Chaozhou won’t be so bad – everyone drinks over-cooked Phoenixes, but you’ll see tea seas with tea ready everywhere – in any small or big shop, stall, on benches… there’s tea ready everywhere. And here specifically with the help of small ceramic stones.

They have an interesting custom here – tea utensils are often cleaned/heated twice before pouring a new batch of tea + the custom of calling „chakte“ before the first sip.

3 full days of Chaozhou were enough for us to walk around the „old“ town, see the Guangji Bridge which is only whole on some days – the gap between the stone pillars is filled with sleepers = it’s a much-maligned bridge, I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere. We caught a bad day, so we only paid 10 yen instead of 50 and enjoyed 1/3 of the bridge.

Today we finally started outside on our own – first at the beautiful Kaiyuan Temple right outside our hotel, and then also at the top of a solid hill/rock in the park at the end of the old town near West Lake (not the West Lake that Dragon’s Well is famous for, unfortunately). It’s definitely got something going for it – at least we got rid of the small tea samples (great Anji Baicha and Hui long) and could go hunting for more.

In addition to the food write-up, I’m also preparing an article with Chinese culture craziness :)) Sometimes you’ll get scared = and you thought you’d never see (or smell) anything worse than fried chicken claws…

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