Nara, deer and matcha everywhere you look

The photos will certainly give more than a thousand words, so for now 🙂

I definitely have to recommend the Nara Deer Park hotel! Right in the deer park with great service and a funny receptionist/owner.

Similar to Uji, there is an incredible array of matcha everything. And it’s these shops that are under the biggest onslaught of customers. Sometimes I wonder if these people know that in Japan (by the looks of it, Japan is probably their home country) they have teas other than matcha. The emptier teahouses would attest to that. Although, about 98% of Japanese teas are consumed at home and only a tiny 2% are for development.

My program:

  • Todai-ji Temple 東大寺大仏殿,
  • Isui-en Garden 依水園 (奈良市水門町74) + matcha with fresh confession,
  • Kasuga-taisha Shrine 春日大社 (奈良市春日野町160ú,
  • Nara-koen Park 奈良公園,
  • Yakushi-ji Temple 薬師寺 (奈良市西ノ京町457),
  • The next plan is Tokyo and Tokyo alone. If it gets on my nerves with its loudness, flashiness and amount of people, I can flight to Shizuoka (TOP 1 tea producing area), which I forgot about when planning my itinerary… Or I’ll save it for next time (yes I’m definitely going again and not for a short time – a month would be ideal).

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