2 500 km by train, 250 km on foot, 40 km by car and 5 km by boat = our tea China…

But there’s one more digit missing. The one that will probably be of interest to a significant part of you = how much we spent on such fun for almost a month.

The whole calculation is calculated for 2 people (you can split the airfare, visa and food for one, but if you travel alone, you won’t be able to afford hotel accommodation).

Traveling alone:

  • Tickets – 30 000 CZK
  • Visa – 2 000 CZK
  • Railboats – 6 800 CZK
  • Ships/caravans – 400 CZK

On site:

  • Guide – 16 000 CZK
  • Accommodation – 14 800 CZK
  • Food – 12 800 CZK
  • Trips (rafts in Wuishan and visit to Guangji Bridge) – 1 360 CZK


  • Cups (approx. 4.5 kg = Da Hung Pao maocha, Wuishan oolongs and Lapsang-type worms, 2 white cakes, Dragon’s Well, White Peony, Liubao, Phoenixes (roasted and maocha) – 9,940 CZK
  • Gifts and accessories for tea preparation (teapot, 12 cups, 4 travel cups, teapot cover, scented sticks, tea roaster, placemats, silk scarves, bottle of brandy, …) – 10 420 CZK

Total: 104 520 CZK

Is that a lot? Is it not enough? I take it for us that we were abroad for about 3,5 weeks and it can’t be said that we limited ourselves in food or shopping (well there a little bit yes, otherwise I would have brought 10 teapots and even more tea O:) So a great trip that I would repeat again even to the last crown…

Will you also go to China for tea?

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