Ambient tea

Ambient tea is a new, not very well known way of preparing tea. The name comes from Latin, where the word is translated as environment or surroundings.

This tea is prepared with water that is 15 to 20 degrees. The preparation time is approximately 50 minutes. If the water is left to infuse for a long time or at a higher temperature, the tea may become bitter. 


Ambient tea has its origins in England, where people began to explore new ways of serving tea. In 2016, they debuted this ambient tea at the RAW Natural Wine Festival.

This is where the method started. 

People were trying to make a tea service that would:

  1. an alternative to alcoholic beverages
  2. a beverage that will not be difficult to prepare and can be made at home
  3. as a suitable accompaniment to a meal

Ambient tea is reminiscent of wine in its aroma, so it pairs very well with food. This tea is drunk on its own, a tradition that proves you simply enjoy it best that way. In countries where tea is grown, it is usually served with street food (be it sushi or other food). 

Taste of Tea

Tea really comes in all flavours – for example, fruity, floral, spicy, vegetal, even chocolate. The Fera at Claridge’s restaurant, which can be found in England, has taken on ambient tea with great gusto!

The company even had its own utensils made to make it.

Because of its temperature, ambient time can also be served in glassware. In fact, its beautiful colour stands out in glass. And because ambient tea is compared to wine, no other glasses are used than wine glasses.