Japan, sure, but what’s actually there?

Cestačajem.cz does not end with this year’s China, but continues with tea Japan. It won’t be a very long trip though, just 7 days, and it’s from November 30 to December 7.

Judging by the days chosen, I’m no longer expecting sakura blossoms, but a golden autumn (it doesn’t change the fact that it snowed yesterday in Tokyo) with temperatures from 10 to 17 degrees.

The plan is to arrive after a killer 2 days of travel (a 6,500 ticket has its advantages and disadvantages… At least I’ll get to Brussels and Madrid) to Tokyo Narita Airport, the fastest way to get downtown to Edogawabashi Station, and immediately take the Shinkansen to Kyoto where I’ll be for a noticeable part of the days. During those days, I’ll take small trips to Uji and Nara Town, which are close to Kyoto. And then back to Tokyo to soak up the hypermodern conglomeration and culinary delights.

I’ve got a few contacts of tea people in Kyoto (thanks to Tomas Rajnoch of Meetea.cz and Matej Hanus), so hopefully I’ll get a whiff of the teas. Although I don’t see many chances to get to the plantations (there won’t be much to see and enjoy in autumn anyway).

This time I’m going alone (our little gift Maya wants to enjoy her mother as much as possible) and without a guide and with the language „I can do everything with my hands and feet, but I can’t speak Japanese or arigatô“. It will be fun🙂

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