Preparations are in full swing…

We’re trying to go very light, so in the style of #pod7kilo – just from the e-shop (I got the tip from TravelBible, which is great for non-travellers like me) we have some clever little things.

Invisible kidney cases for valuables (we can feel like we’re in the body of the oven guide from Eurotrip), transparent neccessaries, shaving oil, foldable toothbrushes, 100 ml soap bottles, …).

We can definitely keep under 7 kilos of hand luggage – on the way back it will be much worse with tea 🙂

For work, we have one ntb, a charger with Chinese adapter, 2 power banks and a phone charger – but as we looked at the manufacturers, all the stuff we take to China is already there anyway = they make it there 🙂

We are not missing even one small thermos for hot tea – we are not taking any teapots or cups, we will buy everything at our first stop, which will be the TeaMarket in Huangzhou in the Guangzhou area.


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