The Meetea tea studio is already in the world…

This year we were with Tomas Rajnoch in China for a month, where he was our tea guide. We’ve known (and subscribed to) his monthly tea subscription for years as well. So now when the public asked for a donation to Meetea’s tea studio, we couldn’t resist.

Of the 50,000 originally asked for, over 95,000 were raised in the end – don’t worry, these are not donations, but support for the project, for which you get things like tea, beautiful pottery by Petr Novak, a kusomana course, tea subscriptions… And 128 people responded to the appeal and contributed.

How was the opening?

It opened on 18 December and we couldn’t miss it 🙂 The space is about 10 minutes walk from Wenceslas Square and despite the killer wet weather we arrived. We enjoyed a warming masala at the entrance and went inside.

The whole space is about 4×8 meters large/small room – on one side is a display of beautiful teapots (Tomas is perhaps too much of an avid collector), in the other 2 thirds is a large solid wood tea table and a tiny tatami seating area for about 8 tea lovers.

The smell of fresh wood, bamboo ceilings near the ceiling, clean and simple space…

For most of the evening, the tea was not prepared by Tomas, but by his well-known tea „journeyman“ – with the respect and calmness of a seasoned tea man, he served us a slightly wild green puerh that managed an incredible amount of infusion.

What next for the space? Tea tastings, cousomana classes, workshops around pottery, calligraphy, woodworking, …All imbued with tea 🙂

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