Tókyó, Tókyó – every time the subway screams at me – day 1 and 2

Again… It’s late, the travel is getting to me and now I’m being overwhelmed by the incessant roar, the flashing neon signs and the crowds. Although I’m taking it better than I expected. The last tea-only stop was in Uji, so unfortunately, tea-lovers will not be in for a tea-lover’s delight today.

Day 1

But I didn’t expect them to have such a selection of pottery (and kyosu and shiboridashi teapots). And really hundreds of different pieces! Good thing I’ve already bought some (and at a better price and with a better look).

Today’s plan was pretty laid back:

  • Akasuka / Sensō-ji Temple,
  • Shibuya Hachiko 渋谷区,
  • Meiji-jingu Shrine 明治神宮,
  • Harajuku,
  • Shinjuku/Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices.

The Eastern Imperial Gardens were also on the plan, but somehow I didn’t look for opening hours (they’re open all the time, after all)… Well, almost, except for Monday and Friday. So, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last full day here before my flight, so the plan is more walking and shopping 🙂

  • Ueno park
  • Ginza street
  • Nakamise market
  • Tsukiji Market, 5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji
  • Imperial Palace East Garden


Surprisingly (for the first time in the whole quick-trip), I made my planned itinerary and with a big gap – quite unexpectedly, I was already at the hotel by 7. And properly dead – 7 days of marching (I have 21 kilometers in my legs today) drained me.

Now I only have one more night in Tokyo and then it’s home… via Madrid, Frankfurt and Prague 🙂

I’ll be adding a budget post (or how much did it cost) and derivative articles in the near future – unexpectedly about Japanese tea and my post-cuts.

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