Where are we going for tea? China

There are 4 of us (actually 4 and a half) and we will be traveling around mainland China between April 13 and May 6, 2016, enjoying the well-known and lesser-known tea plantations, teahouses, food, culture…

Just everything this unusual country has to offer. If the Great Chinese Electronic Wall allows me, I will publish here the notes, photos and hopefully videos of our tea journey.


Our tentative itinerary:

1) Guangzhou (Guangzhou)
– teammarket – tea phenomenon = 6000 shops in one place.
– A trip to nearby Jingde for organic red tea.
– Meeting, tasting or tea lessons at a tea school.

2) Chaozhou
– Home of Gongfuchi, there’s tea at every turn. Folksy, but still.
– A beautiful historic center (a big exception in China) where you can just walk around and watch for a day..
– A trip to the Phoenix to check out the wulongs.

3) Wulong hunting
– There are plenty of unexplored tea places along the way that make beautiful and also unexplored wulongs and red teas. Let’s try to discover some of them.

4) Wuyishan
– Tea mecca.
– Walking through the breathtaking tea landscape.
– Visiting a tea factory, picking and picking.
– Ceramic dragon kilns from the Song Dynasty.

And we’re sure to stumble upon plenty of interesting places along the way 😉

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