Wuyi teas up, down, down…

When you’re in one of the traditional tea regions, you’re probably only drinking „their“ tea – in Phoenix it was (unexpectedly) phoenixes, in the Wuyi Mountains it was Wuyi wormwood or rock oolongs.

We love them, but after today’s 10 piece serenade consisting of tall grads in 2 tea houses, my head is spinning.

Higher grades of tea also attract higher price tags – ironically, the 6,000 元 price tag (approx 24,000 Kč for 500 grams) didn’t hold much appeal for me – I liked the cheaper varieties x times more. They were more straightforward, less acidic, more balanced = I’ll have to drink heavily to this competition beauty another time…

Eventually, we happened upon a fancy teapot shop where we got a lecture on the different types of clay, how they behave, how to work with them = the shopkeeper’s husband was a ceramist – price tags started around 1,000 元 (about 4,000 Kč).

I was tipped off to a shorter documentary just about Wuyi rock teas – The Tea Culture of Wuyi Mountain at english.cntv.cn – check it out for an understanding of this peculiar tea-growing place.

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