Xiamen and going home

Dragon’s Well and Xi Hu were the last tea stop on our 3 week Chinese tea journey…

We still managed to visit Xiamen and its little island of Gulangyu (it’s a tourist and commercial hell, albeit with some nice scenery in places) and we’re flying home in the evening (first from Xiamen to Beijing and then home the next morning) – due to the different time zone we’ll be leaving China at 1:50am on the 6th, but we’ll arrive in the Czech Republic „already“ at 6am on the same day (but there’s a 10 hour flight in between) 🙂

Fun insert: what a leisurely journey from Hangzhou to Xiamen and to the hotel on the small island of Gulangyu near Xiamen looks like: 6 hours by train to Xiamen, then BRT 1 (Buss Rapid Transport = local substitute for the subway) to Terminal Diyi Matou, a quick taxi ride to the Lundu ferry, then 20 minutes by ferry to the island,…

1.5 hours of searching for our restored hotel at night = no hotel found, we jumped to another one and didn’t care about the 380 yen price tag…

Next day again by ferry, but this time about 45 minutes, then bus 51 (thanks Alcho for helping us find the right one) to Terminal Diyi Matou and BRT straight to Terminal 4 of Xiamei International Airport.

In CR, I’ll supplement the older articles with more write-ups and photos and do a recap of the whole trip – maybe even calculate all the costs of our tea expedition!

Take the photos with a grain of salt – we toured the island very early in the morning when all the tourists were still asleep:

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