Chamomile tea

Chamomile is known to everyone. Its specific scent is unmistakable. There are two types of this plant, Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. It is an herb with many benefits that is really suitable for everyone. Given to children, for a more restful sleep and a calm tummy, used against bloating and toothaches, disinfects, cleanses the skin and is actually such a herb with versatile uses.

Grow Herb Gold

We can grow chamomile at home in our garden or even on our balcony or terrace. Growing it is not difficult at all, so even a small child can grow it. It should be grown in direct sunlight. Half shade will also do it no harm.

Sow in soil

Sow the plant only on the surface of the soil to give the seeds room to grow and, most importantly, plenty of light. Do not cover the seeds with soil.

Plant in August and September.

It is important that the soil is light and well drained. It is a good idea to use a good quality soil with compost. Chamomile is an annual plant, but with proper overwintering it will last reliably for three years.

How to water chamomile

Here it depends on the type of chamomile. Roman chamomile benefits from a little more watering, true chamomile needs a little less. For both species, care should be taken to ensure that the soil is sufficiently moist.

If the herb doesn’t have enough moisture, it will probably die quickly and you’ll have nothing to harvest. Too much watering, on the other hand, is detrimental, as the plant may start to rot.

Further care of the herb

If we are troubled by weeds, we rely on a helping force called mulching. If you wish to propagate the plant, it will probably be a no-brainer, because all you need to propagate the herb are its seeds, which take root and a new plant is born.

Only Roman chamomile needs to be divided in spring and the herb should be spaced out so that the individual pieces are about 30-40 cm apart.

Chamomile is harvested several times a year, when we collect its flowers, which we then dry. The flowers are placed on a sieve or paper. The most suitable place for drying herbs is the soil. If soil cannot be used, another dark and dry place should be found.

Chamomile cannot be dried in direct sunlight. The plant would darken and the sun would burn off all the nutrients. Chamomile should not be dried or stored in a damp place as it could catch mould and you could end up throwing it straight in the bin.

Tea preparation / instructions

Chamomile flowers are often used for an infusion, decoction or tea. It is often taken internally in this form to soothe the body, as a supportive remedy for colds and flu, boosting immunity and restful sleep. Its taste is pleasant and therefore even small children have no problem consuming it.

To prepare chamomile flower tea, use one heaped teaspoon of the herb and pour boiling water over it.

Allow to infuse for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. It is recommended to drink the tea fresh, three cups a day. Chamomile can also be found in various tea blends.

To make a strong decoction or tea, two tablespoons of the herb are poured in and covered with 250 ml of boiling water. The stronger decoction can be used not only for sipping, but also for rinsing fair hair, cleansing the skin or inhaling to stretch the sinuses.

Beneficial effects

Chamomile is a reliable remedy for flu and colds. For colds, it is often used in inhalation mixtures. As a preventive measure, it strengthens the immune system. If you have a toothache, gargle your mouth with chamomile decoction. Because the herb has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to soothe the pain.

It is also a pain reliever for abdominal colic or stomach problems. It is excellent for bruises and burns, which it helps to heal. Another very important effect is the soothing one. Just smell the chamomile and a calm and pleasant mood will appear. Both baths and teas help against insomnia.

The composition of Chamomile is responsible for these beneficial effects.

In the plant we find effective mucilaginous substances, flavonoids, coumarin, essential oils and many other healthy substances that benefit our body.

Try this delicious, mild and fragrant tea that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, relieve you of pain and digestive problems. If you still don’t know what tea to drink to feel nice and fresh every day, try Chamomile. The biggest benefit is that it can be taken by young children or moms when breastfeeding.

So having this treasure on hand is always worthwhile. The best is your own from the garden, but if purchased, it will also help. You can also use the flowers to make baths, which are also suitable for babies and the elderly.A soothing bath with a cup of tea can be a nice relaxation.