A dragon’s well big and oversized…

It took only 2 hours of high-speed train ride from Wuyi (in some places it was burning around 300 km/h) and we arrived in a thinned-out line-up in Hangzhou = the birthplace of Dragon Well, which is often nicknamed Xi Hu or West Lake.

Today, just really briefly – I would never have believed how one 2 hour move can chew up a day. Add to that about 30 minutes in a taxi (we didn’t have the energy to think about the subway route after the last few days of minimal sleep) and check-in.

We were about 3 blocks from West Lake according to the map, but the scale wasn’t exactly believable – it ended up being 4 miles to the edge of the upper park and about the same to the lake itself. We didn’t end up making it today, we just climbed the „sun deck“ that towers over West Lake and watched the incredible traffic on the main footbridge/bridge across the lake.

Currently (May 1) is Labor Day in China, and from what I understand, they stretch it out until the 3rd (or there are other holidays or holidays following) = and what doesn’t everyone think of? That they take a trip to Wuishan or Hangzhou… Fortunately, tomorrow we’re moving to a hotel/hostel right in the „woods“ east of the lake, so we’ll be in a better position to explore.

But judging by today’s trip, it looks like 3 days (still with arrival and departure) was very, very naive 🙂 We can spend weeks here (like in Wuya) to explore the actual birthplace of the Dragon Well, the different harvesting sites, plantations, monuments, tea shops…

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