Ginseng tea

Ginseng is also called the „root of life“. It is an herb that has rejuvenating effects and has a very beneficial effect on health. Ginseng tea is a traditional Asian remedy against aging and to strengthen the body.

What it is and how it is grown

Ginseng is a plant native to Asia, where it has been cultivated since 5000 years ago. It is a plant with distinctive red fruits, but the most expensive andused is its root. It is very sturdy and has a shape resembling that of the human figure, like the mandrake.

It is important in medicine for its widespread medicinal effects. In the past, the Chinese traded it like gold.

It had a high value and was used as a preventative against aging as well as for the treatment of many ailments.

It is also found in Korea and Russia. The oldest and largest plants were the most prized and many legends and myths were created around them. There are several other species of ginseng that grow throughout Asia, in Vietnam and in India.

Today, ginseng is commonly sold in grocery stores or Asian food stores mostly dried or granulated. It is still held in high esteem in its homeland, but its sipping is not so common here. However, it is gradually making its way into health food menus.

How it is grown

The cultivation of ginseng is a tradition in China, it is grown on farms or grows wild in nature, but there is very little wild ginseng left today. This is because the plant needs very specific conditions to grow. It must have the right climate and regular watering. Growing ginseng is very difficult. In our conditions it is almost impossible, to grow ginseng at home is a big task even for an experienced gardener.

It can tolerate frost and will not survive outdoors in our conditions.

However, you can grow other types of ginseng from seed, which do quite well in a pot at home. Like five-leaf ginseng, which also needs to be fertilised regularly.

How to drink

Ginseng is sold dried or granulated. It is also included in tea or herbal blends. It is mixed with green tea, dried lemon, sea buckthorn or various herbs.

Drink once or twice a day.

You can buy ginseng tea in bags packed one at a time and pour it only with water, which should not reach the boiling point, so that valuable substances are not lost.

Various ginseng drinks are also made, which you can make into a cocktail or drink as iced tea in summer heat. It has a pleasant earthy taste and rich aroma. However, beware of overdosing or combining it with coffee or teas. It contains caffeine and this increases blood pressure.

 Most famous tea recipes and instructions

Put a teaspoon of granulated ginseng powder in a cup and pour hot water over it. The powder will gradually dissolve. Or you can use tea in funnel bags.

Sweeten with honey, sugar or cane sugar.

You can also add sweetener or various syrups. To keep the Asian flair, add rice syrup. You can also combine it with lemon, sea buckthorn as a hot fruit drink, apple juice, or pear juice.

Health benefits

Ginseng has a huge spectrum of active substances in itself for various diseases and ailments. It also acts as a preventive against diseases. It contains saponins, antioxidants, a large number of vitamins, polysaccharides, peptides and caffeine. These substances strengthen the body’s immunity and act as antioxidants against free radicals.

Ginseng tea acts on the circulatory system, heart and blood vessels.

It strengthens the central nervous system and has a beneficial effect on the brain. It rejuvenates cells, increases appetite and improves digestion. It alleviates diabetes, counteracts stress and enhances physical activity. Helps against arthritis and asthma. Dilates the breathing tube and aids breathing in bronchitis and asthma attacks.

It improves memory, thinking and concentration and is a powerful adaptogen. Ginseng has long been attributed with miraculous effects when it comes to sexual health. In men, it acts like Viagra, enhances fertility, blood circulation and has an effect on performance. In women, it aids fertility and has an aphrodisiac effect on both sexes. It helps relieve stress and increases libido.

Caution on dosage

With ginseng, the daily dose should not be exceeded, it may cause hypertension, nervousness or stomach weakness. If drunk regularly and the dosage is observed, there is no danger and it is, on the contrary, very beneficial. In China, ginseng is especially valued for its positive properties on male potency.

It alleviates problems with menopause, corrects irregular menstruation and reduces menstrual pain.

It is good in recovering from illness or injury. It is also effective for colds and flu. Ginseng is also very good for dieting and weight loss. It aids in burning fat, has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract and liver, and brings the vitality needed for sporting activities.