Milk thistle tea

For cleansing the body and the popular detoxification, when you help the body with removal of unwanted waste substances can also help thistle.

At first glance it looks like an ordinary thistle, but it hides many interesting substances with positive effects on the human body. What can thistle tea do for the human body and how to prepare it properly? This is what you will find out in this text.

What is milk thistle

Milk thistle, which is very similar in appearance to the common thistle, is native to the Mediterranean region. Most of the active substances are found in the seeds, but essentially all parts of the plant are used for medicinal purposes.

It can be found in gardens, herb gardens, but in some cases also in the wild.

In such case, however, a thorough knowledge of its appearance is needed to reliably distinguish just about some species of thistles, whose medicinal effects are far from being such. The uses of this medicinal plant are already mentioned in ancient sources and it has found its place even in today’s medicine, where its effect on the human body and individual organs is still a task of careful research.

How it is grown

In our country it is not commonly found in nature, so there are specialised farms for harvesting thistle, where e focus on growing the herb. If you can get seedlings or seeds, you can also grow thistle in your own garden.

This is not a demanding plant, as it can make do with normal soil and sunny or semi-shaded sites.

You do not need to fertilize it directly. For harvesting, the seeds are the most valuable part. However, you can also dry the leaves, stems or roots. Remember also that it is a double annual herb, so don’t expect a significant harvest in the first year.

How to drink thistle tea

For the maximum beneficial effects that milk thistle offers, dried seeds are the best choice. Grind the necessary amount before each tea preparation to release as much of the beneficial substances as possible during the hulling process. For storage, choose a cooler place to store the seeds, as they can go rancid at higher temperatures, which would rob them of much of their healing power. To be effective, each bark should last for several weeks.

It depends on what difficulties you have and what you want to achieve.

A simpler preparation but often inferior composition can be offered by classic sachet teas with milk thistle. This herb can also be found in various blends, as thistle tea itself has a rather unpleasant taste.

In addition to the tea itself, you can also buy oil of milk thistle or tincture and tablets, where the power of this herb is in concentrated form with relatively simple dosage.

Recipes and instructions for the extract

To make a hearty tea from milk thistle, you will need one tablespoon of ground seeds, which you pour over about a litre of boiling water. The resulting infusion is left to infuse for 20 minutes and then consumed one spoonful at a time before meals.

For a more pleasant taste and an even stronger positive effect on digestion, it is recommended to prepare a tea from thistle in combination with mint.

Marigold can also be another good supplement.

The procedure for preparing the tea is basic with steeping for about 15 minutes.

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Tea

Among the beneficial effects of milk thistle are mainly its effects on the liver. It is thus recommended especially as a prevention against certain diseases such as liver inflammation, cirrhosis or the formation of gallstones.

The regeneration of the liver that milk thistle can promote is particularly useful in the case of long-term use of drugs, but also in the case of exertion associated with, for example, excessive alcohol consumption.

The positive effects on the liver are the greatest advantage of this specific herb.

However, if you are taking other medications, consult your doctor about the suitability of milk thistle tea.

Regenerative herb

However, the positive effect on liver health is far from the only benefit that milk thistle offers. It also helps for the regeneration of blood vessels or varicose veins. Its use is also advisable in cases of jaundice, haemorrhoids or gastric colic.

Interestingly, milk thistle can help with low blood pressure problems and its regular use is also recommended as an aid in preventing migraines and long-term headaches.

Quality milk thistle tea is recommended in cases of mental health problems as it can have a positive effect on depression problems.

It is particularly suitable for supporting the spring detoxification of the body and positive results can be noticed in case of problems with allergies, asthma or various skin problems. It is in such situations that milk thistle can direct the body in the right direction to solve the problem.