Mint tea

Mint is known for its freshness alone. It is an important part of the legendary summer mojito. In addition to being refreshing, especially in the summer months, mint exudes its beneficial effects on our health. In addition, its scent is so strong that it is impossible not to distinguish it from other herbs. It is a great helper not only in smoothies, ice creams and other dishes, but also helps against colds, bloating, stress and other ailments.

Growing mint

There’s nothing like growing your own mint. Having a fresh herb always on hand is wonderful. Plus, it will scent your home, garden and balcony. Depending on where you grow it.

In order to grow Mint, you first need to pre-grow the seedlings. If you are not up to the task, then you can buy the seedlings from a florist, garden shop or even a supermarket (they don’t last). Next we have to decide where to plant the plant.

Whether to use a box, a pot or a bed.

Plants are usually planted in moist soil in the spring, or even in the autumn. Place the mint in a place where there is not too much draught and direct sunlight, which is not good for the plant. If we take good care of the herb, it can last up to five years in the bed.

Storing mint

Mint is harvested by pulling off the stems and leaves. Mint is harvested mainly from June to September. It is dried in a dark place where it is not damp. The dried mint is then stored in a dry place, preferably in a sealable airtight jar.

Do you like fresh mint in winter? Try freezing it.

Freezing it will preserve its fresh scent and lovely green colour. It can also extract the beneficial oil from the plant.

Peppermint or nana?

While our peppermint has a pleasant, refreshing scent and taste, Maroccan nana is a bit more pungent and distinctive. We have to grow our own mint here, because it would be hard to find it in the wild anymore; nana is an herb that grows wild in Morocco.

If you want a potent and distinctive essence, rely on nana mint, which is many times more potent than peppermint.

Even though peppermint is not fierce and strong like nana, it possesses rich effects on our health. Which we are guaranteed to appreciate when we include it in our diet.

Tea or mojito

Mint is a very versatile plant when it comes to gastronomy. However, drinks are still more popular. Most often, mint is made into a tea, or decoction, which is guaranteed to relieve your stomach and contribute to the normal functioning of your digestive system. To prepare the tea, a few mint leaves are needed, which are then covered with boiling water. Further infuse for about 15 minutes.

Fennel, chamomile, or licorice can also be added to the mixture.

Mojitos are famous for adding mint, which is what makes this exclusive drink so refreshing. In addition to the mojito, we can make mint liqueur at home. To prepare it, we use mint leaves which we pour 0.75l of alcohol (vodka, rum, cognac).

Store this mixture in a warm place for three weeks. Next, add the sugar solution, which is made up of 200g of sugar dissolved in water. We then store it in the refrigerator.

Healthy Peppermint

There is no herb that does not have some health benefits. Peppermint can also help us. It is very beneficial to our health and we should not forget its effects. Maybe it can have side effects, but so do medicines or other stronger plants. Sometimes it can cause an allergic reaction when put on the skin, or it can cause stomach upset.

This is not the rule, however, and it is possible to use mint for a long time.

Mint helps with gallbladder, bowel and stomach problems. It suppresses vomiting, so it is a great travel aid. It also strengthens the liver and pancreas. It disinfects the body and is anti-inflammatory.

It relieves stress and helps to eliminate insomnia.It is widely used in colds, when a decoction is inhaled or tea is drunk. Externally it can be used in the form of ointments where it helps with urticaria, rheumatism and other rashes.

The tincture or decoction is used for mouth rinses for inflammations in the oral cavity.

Suitable not only for colds

Peppermint should be used not only for colds and other ailments, but also as a prevention against other health problems. It is delicious and refreshing. Try the tea, you will definitely love it.

Anyone who is afraid of spiders should have spearmint in their home, as a decoction sprayed on spots where spiders hang out will deter them and there will be significantly fewer of them in the home.

Mint is a beautiful, fragrant and tasty plant that will make your dishes delicious. Scent your house with mint, it’s guaranteed to give you peace of mind and banish pesky ailments.