Roasted tea

We are all familiar with classic teas of all kinds. Some can’t imagine life without them. If you also belong to the tea lovers, don’t miss the roasted ones. They are tasty and full of vitamins, you will definitely love them, and they are easy to make at home. So what exactly is it and what health benefits do roasted teas offer? Let’s take a look together!

Have you heard of baked tea before?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of baked teas, it’s okay. First, let’s talk about what it is and what it’s actually made of. It differs significantly from traditional loose-leaf tea, as it contains only fruit. It’s more like a fruit compote than a tea, but on cold winter days this sweet fruity treat warms you up just as much as the classic tea you’re used to.

Probably the biggest benefit of these teas is the fact that they consist of natural ingredients, so you won’t find any artificial flavours or colours in them.

Unlike regular tea, they also don’t contain caffeine. It is therefore just purely roasted fruit with sugar or honey and spices. Well, doesn’t that sound fantastic?

What to make tea out of

Not every fruit is suitable for making baked tea, but there are still plenty of fruits to choose from. Soft fruits are the least suitable, for example bananas are rather unsuitable for making teas. On the other hand, forest fruits and citrus fruits work best, especially in winter, and taste great in combination with ginger.

Baked teas made from apples or pears also taste great.

You can also combine fruits. And what to use as spices? You could try cinnamon, star anise, lemon or orange zest, cloves or cardamom, for example.

Health benefits

As well as tasting great, delicious baked teas can also bring you some health benefits. If you cannot consume sugar for health reasons, baked teas can also be made with artificial sweeteners.

If you decide to make teas at home, it is up to you which ingredients you use to make them.

As for the health benefits themselves, these depend on the fruit used.

Fruit is full of vitamins, but you won’t see vitamin C in baked teas, as it is destroyed by boiling. However, fruit ingredients also contain other beneficial substances for the body, for example apples and other fruits are rich in fibre. Apples, in particular, have many health benefits and so seem to be the perfect fruit for making baked tea.

How to make and consume baked tea

The procedure for making it is quite simple. Wash the fruit, if using apples or pears, do not peel them. Next, cut the fruit into smaller pieces depending on the type of fruit (forest fruits do not need to be cut). The fruit is then placed in a taller tray and sprinkled with sugar, honey or sweetener.

Then add the spices of your choice. As for the taste, after a few batches you can easily pick it up. Then drizzle the mixture with lemon and top with plain water.

Bake at 170°C, stirring from time to time, and remove from the oven after about 30 to 40 minutes.

If you have opted for the alcohol option, this is where it comes in. Once out of the oven, pour the rum over the mixture and transfer it to the jars. Carefully close the jars and turn them upside down.

When we feel like tea, we just need a few spoonfuls of the mixture we have prepared and pour boiling water over it. And delicious fruit tea is ready! Just enjoy. In summer, you can also enjoy it cold with ice.

Baked tea as a great gift

If you like to make edible gifts, baked fruit teas are a great choice. They are easy to make and you can adapt the flavours to the taste buds of the recipient.

They also taste great in combination with alcohol, but are also suitable as a gift for children. In this case, of course, without the addition of alcohol. In addition, you can also make an attractive gift wrapping for the baked teas and generally have fun with such a gift.