Sea-buckthorn tea

The cress plant, as it is called, is a vitamin bomb. Just the fact that it contains a high proportion of vitamin C suggests that this herb will be excellent for boosting immunity. This thorny shrub with bright orange fruits with a sour taste has a plethora of uses. Sea buckthorn can be used as tea, marmalade, oil and juice. Children like sea buckthorn lollipops, and dietary supplements to support immunity, not only for children, are appearing in pharmacies.

Buckthorn and growing

When it comes to cultivation, it is important to know that buckthorn is a dioecious plant. In order to ever get nutritious and healthy fruits, it is important to note that we will have to procure both male and female varieties. The bush is pollinated by the wind, and we should therefore plant one female plant to several females, which should be planted on the side where the wind blows more.

The plants should be in 2×3 metre spaced clips.

If we give sea buckthorn a humic soil rich in minerals, it will reward us with an excellent crop. Soil. in which the shrub should be planted is primarily sandy and sufficiently moist, with a pH of 6.5-7.

Harvesting the fruit

Harvesting the fruits themselves is not easy, as the sea buckthorn guards them with its long and sharp thorns. The fruits are held on the twigs so tightly that it is impossible to shake them off. Behind the effort to get the fruits of the sea buckthorn lies a victory in the form of vitamins and health benefits.

The harvest is therefore worth the effort when the results are good.

The fruits are ripe in late summer. This is mainly at the end of August. During this period, and still during September and October, we pick the fruit gradually as it ripens. The ripeness of the fruit is determined by its sugar content.

The higher, the riper. One bush can produce up to 30 kg of fruit. The fruit is then refrigerated until it is processed. They can also be stored by freezing and retain their active ingredients for up to six months.

Leaf tea

If you brew a tea from sea buckthorn leaves, it will certainly remind you of the taste of green tea. Prepare the tea by pouring a teaspoon of dried leaves over boiling water and then letting it steep for 15 minutes. Sea buckthorn leaves contain a significant protein that is very beneficial to our body.

They also contain beneficial substances that contribute to the strengthening of immunity, have a beneficial effect on the liver.

Furthermore, the tea can be used for stomach ulcers and to improve blood circulation. The leaves themselves, when fresh, are great for healing and disinfecting wounds. Sea buckthorn leaf tea also works as a prevention against prostate and stomach cancer. The decoction is used to treat rheumatism and gout.

Fruit benefits

Similar to the leaves, we can prepare sea buckthorn tea from the dried fruits. To prepare such a tea, prepare two tablespoons of dried fruits and pour boiling water over them and let them infuse for 15 minutes. The possibilities are really varied, as the plant can also be added to various tea blends.

A mixture of sea buckthorn with raspberry leaves, blueberries and mint is excellent. Sea buckthorn can be used not only by pregnant women and young children. It is very gentle, but on the other hand incredibly effective.

The effects of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is one of the oldest herbs that has been used by our ancient ancestors. Almost the entire plant has medicinal and health benefits. Not only the leaves and fruits, but also the bark or the wood itself are used. The effects of sea buckthorn are still used in folk medicine today.

It contains mainly vitamin E, which is the most abundant vitamin in the plant.

Furthermore, vitamins A, B, C, K, D and carotene, the amount of which contained in sea buckthorn fruits can be compared to the content in carrots. Other substances include flavonoids, oils, colouring, carbohydrates, minerals and many other health-giving substances.

Internally and externally

The plant can be used both internally and externally. In the form of oil, it helps with inflammation and various infectious diseases. Besides boosting immunity, it heals bronchial tubes, lungs and promotes blood circulation. Its great use helps to break down stomach ulcers, and if we want to avoid sclerosis, we should start taking it. Overall, sea buckthorn has a complete effect on the entire human organism.

It helps digestion and is also beneficial for the joints.

If you need to replenish vitamins and minerals or strengthen your immunity, try sea buckthorn tea, which will enrich your body with these important substances. Whether you use sea buckthorn in the form of tea, oil, jam or juice, you won’t regret it.

Sea buckthorn is a truly important plant that you should definitely include in your diet as a supplement. Not for nothing is sea buckthorn nicknamed the Russian lemon.