This name refers to a ceramic container for matcha tea powder. It is used to preserve the tea during the tea ceremony.

Chaira is used in preparing koicha tea. The container used in the preparation of usucha is called a nacume (natsume). It came to Japan in the 13th century.

The very first one was made in southern China.

The use of chaira shows the importance of the whole tea ritual. Both from the perspective of the host and the guest. Not surprisingly, some vessels are becoming the object of interest not only for tea lovers but also for collectors and are therefore worth a lot of money.

Usually, this vessel is made of ceramic.

The dimensions of individual vessels vary from each other and range from 3-15 cm in height and 4-8 cm in diameter. They are kept in a container made of very fine materials, such as brocade or damask, or even silk.

This cover is called shifuku.